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Battery Life

Batteries will keep their charge longer if they're kept cool. Warmer temperatures will shorten their life. Always recharge a battery right after it is used. Never store an uncharged battery and recharge unused batteries every two months.
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Compressor Maintenance

Make sure the compressor's output matches the pounds-per-square-inch requirements of the tool to be used. Check and change the oil regularly. After a day of use, empty the air tanks and drain any water build-up inside the tank through the drain tap at the bottom of the tank.
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Carrying Plywood

The problem with plywood is getting in from here to there. It's heavy and getting a good grip is difficult...especially if you have to carry it for any length of time. An easy solution is to take a couple of C-clamps and tighten them on to each end. This will give you the handle you need to get a good, solid grip.
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