"Victorian Portrait" by Peggy Reimel Abrams -

Peggy Reimel Abrams, also known as Peggy Abrams, grew up in a farming community in Michigan, where she began sketching at a very young age. Her mother insists that Peggy was born with a pencil in her hand instead of a rattle. With love supplementing money, Peggy's family provided her with any means possible to nurture her artistic talents. "My mother would save old wallpaper and Shredded Wheat boxes for me to draw on." Peggy also added that her family didn't always have indoor plumbing, so she painted the outhouse making it "the best looking outhouse you've ever seen." As a young girl, Peggy was inspired by old-fashioned dolls, lace, and large hats; essential accessories of the stylish Victorian era which always fascinated her. Today, Peggy is famous for her Victorian Santas and flower arrangements, in addition to her gardening images and her extensive line of Christmas images. Peggy and her husband Joel, who still reside in Michigan, enjoy the company of their three children and two grandchildren, who sometimes serve as inspiration for her next project. This lovely print, made from a charming watercolor done by the talented Peggy Reimel Abrams, is a rare find indeed. The Victorian era with which Peggy was so enamored, is clearly and exquisitely demonstrated here in the form of a female reclining comfortably on a grey cushioned settee. A modish hat of large proportions, which is elegantly trimmed with lace, feathers, flowers, and ribbon, sits gracefully on the womanÂ's head and is a very dominant feature of the piece. The hat seems even larger than it is since the background gently fuses with its edges and the splattered paint dots resemble the flowers on the hat itself. The womanÂ's stylish dress is accentuated with a mauve sash and puffed sleeves, and likewise drips with delicate lace. The woman also sports a dark ring that matches the broach that is pinned at the neck among the ruffles of lace. In addition, it appears as if a pince-nez is hanging from the golden chain that she wears around her neck. She is clearly a high born lady of class, decked out in the height of fashion. The colors are subtle and derive from a color palette that is centered around different variations of pinks and purples. These colors add a soft and dreamy effect to the piece that only further accentuates its romantic tendencies. The watercolor medium was used liberally, with light washes of color balancing out the more opaque details, which were then finished off with a splattering technique that has all been translated over beautifully onto this print. The print has a double border of deep purple and light pink printed on the piece, giving the illusion of being double matted. On top of that is a parchment toned mat with gold scrolling in two of the corners, adding a further vintage flair. The frame that houses this stunning work of art is a deep cherry wood frame that has been decoratively carved and also includes a light brown veneer inlay. This frame perfectly complements this piece and makes its total measurements come to 23 ¼Â" x 19 ¼Â". In addition, the artistÂ's signature can be seen in the lower right hand corner as Reimel Abrams. This work of art is sure to please anyone who shares PeggyÂ's exuberance for the Victorian world; it is truly a treasure well worth the expense.
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