Vintage Authorized Shirley Temple Scrapbook-Pix


Vintage Authorized Shirley Temple Scrapbook-Pix

Item: Vintage 1935 Shirley Temple Authorized Edition No. 1714 Scrap Book-Scrapbook, resplendent with approximately Fifty-Eight (58) 1935-1937 Newspaper & Magazines Cutouts ***Eleven (11) Photo Cutouts are Shirley Temple-specific, (Â"A Day in the Life of Shirley Temple,Â" depicting: Shirley waking up, weighing herself, washing her face, brushing her teeth, drinking milk at breakfast, in the car with her mother on the way to work at the Studio, eating lunch at the Studio Commissary, doing schoolwork on a blackboard at the Studio with her tutor, sitting on the laps of her brothers Jack and George reading a book, on her knees saying her prayers at bedtime, and turning out her Piggy-Lamp to go to sleep) and these are glued inside the first 2 & 1/4 pages of the 48-page Scrapbook (the remaining BLANK pages are immaculately clean and have NEVER BEEN USED) Age/Period: Vintage - Scrapbook is dated 1935 (1930s) Published by: The Saalfield Publishing Co. - Akron, Ohio; New York Format: Paper Covers-Soft Cover Total Number of Pages: 48 (two and one-quarter of which have Â"ShirleyÂ" Pix affixed to them, with the remainder having NEVER BEEN USED) Size: HUGE/OVERSIZED - 11 & 3/4"W x 12 & 3/4"H Condition: Very Good: *Covers/Exteriors - Imagery and colors remain crisp and vibrant! Front cover exhibits a vertical crease line running from top edge to bottom edge near the right side of book, as well as a couple of other spidery crease marks. Back cover evinces a slight diagonal crease line adjacent to the lower left corner. There is a nominal and not-unusual (given its 71-year-old ephemera status) modicum of rubbing to the outer paper edges *Binding/Spine - tightly intact, with only normal opening-and-closing paper indentation creases running vertically the full-length of Binding *Interior Contents - pages remain crisp and clean, evincing no noted writings, foxing, markings, water damage, staining, or odors of any kind. Being mentioned merely for purposes of accuracy is that the pages do exhibit normal paper age coloration/toning, but as stated previously, are clean and crisp ADDITIONAL NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE LOOSE CUTOUTS CONTENTS (1935-1937): *Several Â"The Dairy Household Hint Calendar for 1935" Pages depicting children eating breakfast-feeding breakfast to their dogs & dolls-toy animals, one of cows reclining in a pasture, and one of children in a pretend school with the blackboard containing info promoting the benefits of dairy products (ABCÂ's of Milk...) *Several Â"In This IssueÂ" and Â"This MonthÂ" FULL-COLOR Cutouts from Â"Meredith Publishing Company, Des Moines, IowaÂ" - i.e. Â"This Month - Perennial Vegetable Gardens;Â" Â"In This Issue - Touring Lincoln Land;Â" Â"This Month - Your Tax Money Squandered;Â" Â"This Month - Tunes for TwoÂ" *___RegisterÂ's Amateur PhotographersÂ' Contest Winners Pix *Â"Illustrated MechanicsÂ" December, 1937 Monte Crews-illustrated Â"Please Santa Give them only to Good Boys and GirlsÂ" Color Cutout of a Family of Puppy Dogs at SantaÂ's feet while he is reading a Book entitled Â"Boys & Girls Who Asked for PuppiesÂ" (perhaps a promo for the ASPCA-Humane Society) *Numerous Pets-Animals Pix, Cartoons and Advertisements (Puppy Dogs, Kitty-Cats, Birds, Animals Flying-Piloting a 1930s Airplane filled with Clothing-Dressed Animal Passengers, Black-African-American Â"Chocolate BabyÂ" Raggedy-Ann/Raggedy-Andy-esque Dolls, Fisk Â"Get a FiskÂ" Tires Ad, Chickens, Leopards, a Fox and Lamb Playing Cards with a Collie-Dog as a Cop Looking On, Mice-Rats Eating Corn, Dragonflies Being Shot with Pesticides by Cartoon Farmers, 1937 Â"The Methodist Book ConcernÂ" Cartoon of a Spotted Fawn and Dogs, Cows, Horses, Bulls, Geese, a Boston Terrier, a Grasshopper, a Turkey, a Train-Locomotive, Cowboys and Wagon Trains, Ducks, a Goat, a Lamb, a Baby Chick...)
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