Tabor, Pauline


Tabor, Pauline "Pauline's-Memoirs Of The Madam On Clay Street" 1972 Book Signed Autograph Illustrated By David Stone Martin

Pauline Tabor-"Pauline's-Memoirs Of The Madam On Clay Street"-1972-Touchstone-8 1/2" X 11"-295 pages-hardcover book-with photos-with illutrations-Illustrated by David Stone Martin-hardcover book-with jacet-Signed By Author.Pauline's Brothel was actually in Warren County but some people from Logan did visit the bordello when it was in business. One story I've heard is that one man from Logan County went to the famous brothel. Madam Pauline Tabor told him all the girls were busy so he would have to wait. As he sat in the chair, he thought about what he was doing, looked around, and left. I also heard one tale from a woman who said her daughter was Madam Tabor's hairdresser. She said Tabor was a nice person and gave her daughter a wedding present. Pauline's has been closed for many years but people still talk about it. The brothel, which is the object of Dwight Fry's obsession, had various locations, best known on 627 Clay Street. When Mrs. Tabor retired from the business she had the building torn down and sold the bricks (at quite a nice profit, I've heard). People have hidden these bricks in their basements because I have never met a person admitting to owning such a relic. Pauline's was not the only brothel in Kentucky (rumor has it Russellville once had one which was burned by the Night Riders during a raid), nor is it the only famous one. Mary Belle Brezing operated a well-known house of ill-repute in Lexington during the latter part of the last century. Brezing started out as a prostitute for Madam Jennie Hill. Pauline herself started off as a lady of the night after her first husband ditched her. She made good money but she realized she did not have the body for it and went into the madam business instead (she learned the business from a madam in Clarksville, Tenn.). Actually, she first started out renting rooms for couples, but that became too much of a headache and material for a screwball comedy. She did quite well for herself considering the payoffs and police raids she had to endure. Her clientele included political figures, business men, college boys, and GIs from nearby bases. After she retired, she wrote her autobiography, titled PAULINE'S . You could just imagine the number of nervous men there were fearful their names would be mentioned in her life story. But like a true madam, she never revealed what powerful men patronized her hothouse. The first thing a person's going to think after reading her autobiography is: "This stuff happened here? In Bowling Green?!" This book is bound to have something to either offend or disgust you. But it is also surprisingly a touching story (Mrs. Tabor did a lot of charity work), filled with humor. What is most surprising is that she had other fields of interest besides the cathouse, such as farming. The book has been autographed on the title page by Pauline Tabor with a fountain pen in red............BOTH BOOK AND AUTOGRAPH ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.JACKET HAS WEAR.........
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