Jacob Bates Abbott Birds at Home Framed Prints

Artist - Jacob Bates Abbott 1461783

Jacob Bates Abbott Birds at Home Framed Prints

Item & Subject-Matter: Vintage ca. 1930s-1950s Lot/Set/Collection/Grouping of Jacob Bates Abbott Wood-Framed Bird Prints of Original Watercolor Ornithology/Nature/Naturist/Wildlife/Aviary Paintings depicting FlickerÂ's, Goldfinches, Hummingbirds, and Tanagers ***Reverse side of each Print contains the following information about each Bird Sub-Species: 1 - If the mother bird leaves the nest for a minute, Papa Goldfinch chases her back. He is good-natured about it, of course, but there is no mistaking the fact that he wants those little eggs kept warm 2 - Father Tanager is teasing his young one to fly by holding a tasty morsel just out of reach 3 - When the FlickerÂ's Mate arrives, he nods and bows, and spreads his wings like a gorgeous cape with a bright yellow lining 4 - A HummingbirdÂ's nest is about the size of a silver dollar. Hardly anyone would ever find it - except for the anxious parents. They dart toward it, squeaking in their cricket voices and buzzing noisily with their wings Artist: Jacob Bates Abbott (1895-1950) - Harvard-educated, known for Illustrator - Cartoon, Wildlife, and Watercolor Painting - Lived/Active California Identification/Markings: Each Print is Pre-imprinted with the Signature of "Jacob Bates Abbott" and contains the above-reference information Format: Prints/Lithographs/Engravings Age Period: Antique/Vintage - ca. Early-1900s to 1950s Quantity: Four (4) Size/Measurements: 11 & 1/4"W x 14 & 1/4"H Condition: ALL Prints are in EXCELLENT+++ condition, retaining their VIBRANTLY COLORFUL and VIVIDLY CRISP Imagery, with three (3) remaining completely intact, and one (1) missing its glass facing
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