Ida Bisek Prokop Dakota Prairie Pictures SIGNED

Artist - Ida Bisek Prokop 1586948

Ida Bisek Prokop Dakota Prairie Pictures SIGNED

Item & Subject-Matter: Vintage ca. 1931-1952 HAND-SIGNED Original Â"Ida Bisek ProkopÂ" Dakota Prairie Pictures Hand Made Handmade Feather Flower Craft. Composition of native wildflowers and grasses, and feathers of licensed pen-propagated game birds and domestic fowl, arranged on water-color (watercolor) airbrush painted background ***SIGNATURE READS: Â"I Bisek ProkopÂ" ***USED IN THIS PICTURE: *Weeds and Grasses: BabyÂ's Breath; Dill; Love Grass; Millet; Crested Wheat Grass *Centers: Dill *Feathers: Male Pheasant; Female Pheasant; Chicken ***REVERSE BACKING SIDE OF FRAME CONTAINS: the ArtistÂ's Label, a brief summary of her art and a description of the natural materials used in the artistic construction of the Picture, along with a possible Inventory Control Number Â"8EWÂ". The Brief Summary reads as follows: Â"Out of the West, from the rolling, windswept prairies of North Dakota, comes this new kind of art, original and completely American, at a time when America appreciates and seeks development of native arts and crafts. To own this picture is to actually possess a bit of the beauty of AmericaÂ's prairie lands, for the artist shares with you her love for common things at hand; these native roadside weeds and grasses, these feathers of barnyard fowl, and the colorful plumage of pheasants from the land of the hunterÂ's paradise - from the bread basket of America Enhanced with gay color, the exquisite texture of dainty grasses and wild prairie flowers is combined with feather-tips carefully matched for jewel-like color, form and pattern, to make many-petalled feather-flowers and buds, and sometimes fragile butterfly wings. Simple, understanding, natural arrangements in infinite variety are made in a modern manner against softly hand-airbrushed water-color backgrounds. Exquisite workmanship and careful detail make these little treasures of today the heirlooms of tomorrow, for each one bears the personal signature by the talented hand of Ida Bisek Prokop, artist-sculptor who created this unique artcraft.Â" Artist: Ida Bisek Prokop (lived/active North Dakota) ***EXCERPTED RESEARCH INFO: Â"Ida Bisek Prokop was a multi-talented North Dakota artist who became quite well known for her 'Prairie Pictures' in the 1930's-1950's..Â" Age Period: Vintage - ca post-1931 (when she married Charles Prokop and stopped signing Â"Ida G. BisekÂ") to pre-1952 (when her Studio was bought out by Ellen Kiefert) Manufacturer/Maker: Producer, Owned and Controlled: The Prokop Studio, Lidgerwood, North Dakota Format: Â"Hand-Airbrushed Water-ColorÂ" embellished/decorated with: *Weeds and Grasses: BabyÂ's Breath; Dill; Love Grass; Millet; Crested Wheat Grass *Centers: Dill *Feathers: Male Pheasant; Female Pheasant; Chicken Size/Measurements: Framed - 9"W x 11"H Condition: *Picture - Excellent, especially given the fragile nature of the content of her craftsmanship! A few stray Â"fringe-likeÂ" pieces have drifted to the lower portion of the picture (can easily be tidied up by opening up frame, lifting out from beneath glass, and Â"dusting offÂ" loose pieces), and a very slight section of the main flower is nicked off. Backing containing all information about the Artist and the Picture remains fully intact and sealed. *Frame - Excellent, evincing only a normal modicum of surface paint rub marks
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