H. Chapin Union Factory Plow Plane

H. Chapin 559107

H. Chapin Union Factory Plow Plane

This is a very nice clean antique handleless plow plane marked "H. CHAPIN UNION FACTORY WARRANTED" and comes with one 1/2 cutter marked "W. Butcher Sheffield". There is also a factory stamp on the back fo the plane that reads "NO. 949". I can't find this number in the old catalogs that I have this number listed. It is much like the No. 244 1/2" The plane is in very good working condition with some minor chips off the threaded shafts, but none effecting the normal use of the nuts. The depth adjustment is all there and in nice shape. A very clean patina that appears to be applewood, and also all original parts as far as I can see. An unusual variation of the Chapin grooving plane! I have various cutter sets available in my inventory here to fit the plane, so you should be able to complete the plane with other size cutters if you wish. A very nice antique plow plane!
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