Framed Egyptian Papyrus Paintings Lot COA's


Framed Egyptian Papyrus Paintings Lot COA's

Item & Subject-Matter: Vintage ca. 1930s-1950s Set/Lot/Collection/Grouping of Four (4) Decoratively Gold-Framed with Mauve-Matting Egyptian-themed/Designs Artistically Hand-Painted Paintings on Pharaohs Papyrus (Paper) 1 - Three (3) Figures - A Queen/Cleopatra-Nefertiti Wearing a Headpiece Being Attended to by Two (2) Servants also Wearing Elaborate and Dramatic Headpieces Waiting on Her Â"Hand & FootÂ" - She is Being Served/Presented with Some Type of Valuable Objet dÂ'art on a Plate 2 - Two (2) Seated Royal Women/Mothers/Queens - one (1) Nubian, the other Egyptian - Playing with Each OtherÂ's Babies on Their Laps 3 - A Pharaoh/Â"RamsesÂ"- King Tut on His Throne Wearing an Exotic Headpiece Being Attended to by Servants, two (2) of whom Don Ceremonial/Ritual Animal Masks - a Bird and a ? Coyote/Wolf - Weighing/Balancing the KingÂ's Riches on Â"Scales of JusticeÂ" with Egyptian Sanskrit in the background 4 - SCRUMPTIOUSLY COLORED and OH-SO-QUAINTLY & CHARMINGLY Designed Â"5 Birds ? Partridges/Peacocks/Parakeets/Sparrows ? in a ? Cherry Tree ***Descriptive Terminology of Imagery depicted: Artist(s): Unidentified ***EXCERPTED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (COA) INFO: Â"Pharaohs Papyrus, Sphinx Square, Nazlet El Samman, Giza - Egypt; there is further undecipherable Egyptian Writing; then the Â"Guarantee CertificatesÂ" in five (5) languages: Â'Pharaohs Papyrus Certifies that the paintings are on papers made out of papyrus plantÂ'Â" Identification/Markings: Two (2) still retain their Original COAÂ's Format: Paintings on Papyrus Paper Age Period: Vintage - ca. 1930s-1950s Quantity: Four (4) Sizes/Measurements: Sizes are varied - (1) 12"W x 9"H; (2) 11 & ½Â"W x 12"H; (3) 14 & ½Â"W x 11"H; (4) 14"W x 14"H Square Condition: Papyrus Sheets beneath their Glass are SPECTACULARLY LIKE NEW; Frames evince only the lightest modicum of wear
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