Fostoria Yellow / Topaz June Oval Divided Relish


Fostoria Yellow / Topaz June Oval Divided Relish

Fostoria June Topaz Oval Divided Relish Dish . Talk about a pretty item! Our outstanding Fostoria June topaz oval divided relish is a great little serving piece. The Fostoria Glass Company produced June in the topaz color from 1929 until 1938. It is one of Fostoria's most collectible etched patterns from the Depression Era. Our beautiful relish is in UNDAMAGED CONDITION without chips or cracks. It is free of disfiguring mold or production imperfections. This fantastic relish would make the perfect addition to your table. Should you have questions about this item we would appreciate you contacting us with them before making your purchase. . We strive to make our customers happy and have had so many questions about the condition of items that we have described the terms that we use for our descriptions. If an item has mold flaws, or areas of gold wear we will state so and explain to what extent in our write up. All of our photos are our own, and are of the same item we are currently selling. We do not touch up damage on items. Everything is pictured as it really is. Terms used to describe condition of an item. UNDAMAGED: THE WAY IT WAS MADE AND SOLD ORIGINALLY. No chips, chipping, cracks, hairlines, scratches, discoloration or major mold imperfections. A piece that is described this way has it's original color and is clear inside and out. You can expect an UNDAMAGED condition item to look as if it came out of the box. These items may have factory STRAW MARKS, SHEAR MARKS or BUBBLES on the underside or inside the piece. We will not sell an item that has objectionable mold marks or large flaws as in UNDAMAGED condition. If an item is advertised as UNDAMAGED and it has blemishes we will do our best to report it in our write up. COLLECTORS NEED TO BE AWARE THAT GLASS (PARTICULARLY OLD GLASS), had certain inherent manufacturing properties that caused common shear marks and bubbles to be present. This does not constitute damage. This is the way the item was made and sold originally. Pottery items may have some running in the transfers, or vary slightly in color. This is the nature of this type pottery. If you have questions regarding any item we will more than happy to answer them before a sale has been transacted. We are available to help. Please take advantage of this fact. We do our best to assure that our customers are happy with the merchandise that they receive. PERFECT: Undamaged, but with common flaws due to the use or the ageing process.. Most collectors including ourselves will consider these items undamaged. There will be no chips, cracks, hairlines, major scratches, discoloration, repairs, or major mold imperfections. The piece will have its original color and will be clear inside and out. A perfect item may have fine use marks or scratching from age. They will not be obvious or objectionable to the naked eye. There may be very slight gold wear on a perfect item. There may be tiny factory straw marks or bubbles on the piece, because many Depression Era items came with slight flaws. All flaws will be listed and described in detail in our write up, so you will know exactly what to expect. EXCELLENT: Excellent items will have no chips, cracks, hairlines, or major mold imperfections. The piece will be clean inside and out. These items may have some use marks from age. These will not be excessive. There may be some gold wear. A piece in excellent condition may have a mold imperfection that is small but noticeable. There may be glaze skips, or runs. Expect excellent pieces to be in really good clean condition. Again we will list any flaws and describe their extent in our write up. ITEMS IN LESS THEN EXCELLENT CONDITION: We seldom sell any items via the internet that are less then excellent . If we run a rare item with some major damage, it will be shown and described in detail. &nbs
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