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white lightning caulk. for every season. caulks sealants

SAVE ENERGY with White Lightning
while you Protect and Beautify Your Home

The White Lightning® family of caulks and sealants has been the choice of building industry professionals and do-it-yourselfers for nearly a century. With a product for every need, and every area of your home, you're sure to find a place to use White Lightning® products.

Caulking protects your home - inside and out - against damage caused by heat, water and weather conditions.

Outside: it helps protect areas around windows and vents where water can seep in to places you can't see.
Inside: caulking around bathtubs, showers, sinks and splashboards can prevent costly damage to floors and walls.

Beautify your home by applying a bead of caulk around moldings, baseboards and cabinetry to give your home a "finished" look. You can also use caulk to disguise and correct gaps and other irregularities.

caulk and seal outdoor drains, windows
caulk and seal around plumbing, bath and kitchen
Looking for ways to make
your home greener?
caulk and seal molding and trim Sealing around foundations, steps, doors, windows, vents, plumbing connections, wiring penetrations and other openings - inside and out - helps to keep out air, dust, dirt, noise and insects. Using White Lightning® products also helps you enjoy significant energy savings by keeping cold drafts out and warm air in during cooler months and can help keep your home cooler in summer heat. And White Lightning Premium Caulks and Sealants are proud to be a part of the Green Cert program for Diversified Brands products.

Find the White Lightning product best suited for your project needs.
Weatherproofing and seal around windows and doors
Caulks and Sealants - What's the Difference?
Caulks are typically general purpose products that fill gaps between building materials. They have average adhesion, low expansion/contraction and can be specified for interior or exterior use. Sealants are high-performance products with good adhesive properties to stick to a broad range of substrates. They also recover well when stretched or compressed – as in temperature extremes – so they perform well outside.

Check out White Lightning's comprehensive selection of caulks and sealants

White Lightning® Caulks and Sealants Are Perfect
For a Variety of Tasks.
Kitchen &

Clean, attractive finishes with outstanding protection against water damage
Window &

Watertight / weathertight seals to keep the heat inside or the cool air from escaping
Durable, easy to apply spackling and patching products take the stress out of common repair jobs
Superior weather/mildew resistant bond simplifies the construction process

Superior flexibility and elasticity for a variety of interior and exterior uses

Specially formulated for smooth, professional application, longlasting durability and top performance

Hints and Tips for getting the best results
from White Lightning Caulks and Sealants
Make sure that surface to be caulked is clean and dry.
Don't caulk outdoors when rain is expected.
For easiest application cut caulk tube nozzle to a 45° angle.
For best adhesion, be sure to "tool" caulk, using your finger, a disposable spoon or a damp rag for latex caulks.
For better energy savings, caulk windows & doors on the inside AND outside.
Check around your home's foundation where heat can escape and water can get in.
On a sunny day, cover windows, doors and other basement light sources to check for possible gaps and leaks in foundation.
For gaps deeper than 1/2" first fill them with backer rod up to 1/2" from the surface, then caulk.
To prevent caulk cracking around bathtubs, fill tub up to normal water level before caulking. Leave the tub filled until the caulk is cured.
Make sure that caulk is fully cured before using newly caulked tubs or showers.

white lightning caulk on trim
white lightning caulk and sealant on doors
caulking backsplash

Check out these great new products
from White Lightning®

3006 Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk White Lightning®
3006 Ultra All Purpose Elastomeric Sealant

Over 70% total joint movement!
Paintable and easy water clean-up
GreenCert qualified
For interior and exterior use
    MAXIMUS white lightning caulk and sealant White Lightning®
    All Purpose MAXIMUS™ Paintable Polymer Sealant

    Combines the performance characteristics of silicone and polyurethane
    Apply around doors, windows, trim, siding, countertops and other projects
    white lightning MEGALASTIC caulk and sealant White Lightning®
    All Purpose MEGALASTIC™ Super Elastic Sealant
    Provides stretchability of over 700%
    Apply to any joints where extreme movement can be expected
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    Ready to
    get started?

    Find the complete line White Lightning Caulks and Sealants at these retailers.

    Ready to get started?
    Find the complete line White Lightning Caulks and Sealants at these retailers.