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After a five-hour stand-off, the Gingerbread Man finally emerged from his Gingerbread House and surrendered to authorities. Photo by Halldor Utne

You Can't Catch Me...

...I'm the Gingerbread Man! But everyone knows where the Gingerbread Man hides out. That's right: his Gingerbread House.

Yes, folks, it's Gingerbread House-making Season. It's time to pre-heat those ovens, mix up some icing, and start building!

Like any good new home construction project, the building of a Gingerbread house must start with a floor plan. Check out this guide to building an abode fit for Sweet Street. You'll find floor plans, building tips and construction steps. We won't hold it against you when the hard hat is dusted off for this one.

For a little added inspiration, take a second to ingest this cute little Gingerbread Dreamhouse action figure sequence.

Got a Gingerbread House worth bragging about? Add it to our MyProjects section. Good luck!


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