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Worse than Second-Hand Smoke?

Here's a convincing argument for chlorine-free pools: Children who spent more than 100 hours swimming in chlorinated pools are up to six times at risk of having asthma and allergies as other teens. "There is little doubt that pool chlorine is an important factor implicated in the epidemic of allergic diseases affecting the westernized world," said head researcher Alfred Bernard. According to Bernard, chlorine in swimming pools affects children's respiratory health more than secondhand smoke.

The study surveyed 814 teens ages 13 to 18 before arriving at the surprising (to this writer) conclusion. Researchers speculate toxic chemicals in the water and hovering in the air promote respiratory allergies. No coincidence that the most cases of asthma are in the countries with the most swimming pools. Learn more about switching to a self-cleaning chlorine-free pool.


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Got MOLD ?

09/24/2009 12:40 PM DropYourAllergies

While I am sure that Bob can tell you how to address your Home's MOLD Problems...

Do not forget the HEALTH / Respiratory Issues that Mold causes Residents / your Children.

What many do not know is that...

> A visit to their Primary Care Dr. for an Insurance covered, Enviro ALLERGY Blood Test ( multiple Molds are Tested ) > WILL Identify the Molds that you are Allergic to.

Then once your Seasonal & year-round Enviro Allergens are Test ID'ed ( Mold included) >

Your Dr. will prescribe Your Self Administered Immuno-Allergy DROPs ( Think SHOTs But No Ouch !) >

Which Neutralize the Source of Your Allergy Disease > Producing Lasting, If Not Lifetime Health & Quality of Life Benifits that come with being Allergy FREE.

Bob can Help you with your Mold > We can Help you with your Mold ( and other ) Enviro ALLERGIES.

Try Your Test ID'ed Custom formulated for 6 Months FREE > Just to show you that they WORK!

Best Health = Wealth Regards,


YES < You CAN take ALLERGIES Out of Your / Your Child's Future.

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