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Word of the Year: Bailout

"Bailout" was looked up so often at Merriam-Webster's online dictionary site that the publisher named it the 2008 Word of the Year. Defined as "a rescue from financial distress," "bailout" prompted hundreds of thousands of online lookups within just a few weeks. John Morse, Merriam-Webster's president and publisher, told the Associated Press that those who looked it up also seemed to want to know whether it had negative nuances or suggested irresponsibility or blame.

Interested in learning more about the bailout, the current mortgage crisis and how this economic downturn affects homeowners? renovateyourworld.com has the answers. Check out these articles:

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"The Mortgage Crisis: How It May Affect You

"Staying Put in Today's Housing Market

"How to Avoid Foreclosure"


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11/28/2008 10:29 AM 697295a

I was a little nervous when the whole "bailout" talk was taking place, but the more I read about it and heard about it, the less nervous I became.

I actually am impressed so far of the responsibility that is being taken to use the money for the bailout. Only time will tell, but hopefully things will get back to a normal state soon.


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