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See what's behind door #1 on the next edition of our new game show, "Guess That Grimy Gasket."

Who Will Wash the Washers?

Do you have a high-efficiency front-loading washing machine? If so, be on the lookout for mold. This recently-published MSNBC.com piece investigates the increased likelihood of mold growth in front-loaders. Unlike top loaders, which see most water evaporate after a cycle, front loaders experience water collection, particularly on the rubber gasket around the glass window. And all those advanced physics students will recall Einstein's lesser known theory of mold-time continuum: H₂O + Rubber = Mold˛.

Certain washing habits don't help the problem, either. The use of less bleach and cold water cycles can contribute to mold growth, which leads to stinky washing machines, stinky laundry rooms and stinky homes.

Check out the article and learn how to prevent mold growth in your front-loader.


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That equation is gold...

12/04/2009 04:44 PM superiorapplianceparts

H₂O + Rubber = Mold˛

that's hilarious. how true. i've seen some 'Grimy Gaskets' in my day.


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Are you kidding me?

12/30/2009 04:25 PM maxmanroe

"Einstein's theory is less known-time continuum mushrooms: H 2; O + Rubber = Mold ˛" Lol you kidding me ... if you want to clean your washing machine of course you have to do yourself :)

Marikxon Manurung

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