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Will it be High-Efficiency Incandescent or Compact Flourescent? Will it be High-Efficiency Incandescent or Compact Flourescent?

What Would Edison Do?

The battle of the bulbs is on! Is it going to be fluorescence or incandescence? GE just announced its intentions to ready a high-efficiency incandescent (HEI) light bulb for the market in the next several years. The HEI looks to be a contender, allegedly eliminating some of the problems with the compact fluorescent bulbs, like light quality and poor start-up illumination, while retaining the sought-after energy-efficiency and reduced emission. It appears there are two camps forming on the matter—those who are pleased with the HEI option, and those who feel that GE’s promise will keep people from making important lightbulb changes now, opting instead to wait however many years until the HEI is available. The question is, where consumers will land and whether three years is too long to wait.


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03/13/2007 02:37 PM Handyman

I have changed out most of the bulbs in my house to fluorescent. And am happy with the light quality. I especially like them in the exterior porch lights that stay on for several hours at a time.
I do have two issues. One, they don't work with my dimmer switches. And two when they burn out there is no convenient way to recycle them. If i have to drive 50 miles to a recycling center I think all the energy savings to me is wasted. I guess when you consider the energy usage from coal fired power plants also gives off mercury it is mitigated but not from my pocket.

We need a better recycling program.

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