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Owners of NatureMill get the gift of compost every two weeks. Photo courtesy of NatureMill.

Waste Not, Want Not

Composting is great in theory, gross in practice. Carting your food waste to an outdoor bin is impractical but the alternative, keeping it indoors, is downright disgusting. Grounding it up? Blech. But now NatureMill seems to have solved these problems with their indoor composter. The unit is completely sealed, keeping your home odor-free. The composter mixes, heats and aerates contents continuously at four-hour intervals until the food waste is ground into useful small particles. Compost is ready every two weeks. Your garden will love you! It's also great for the environment as the NatureMill indoor composter is capable of diverting over two tons of waste from landfills over the course of its life. It fits inside any standard cabinet and can be ordered online from the NatureMill web site.


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03/19/2008 09:06 AM Handyman

I am not sure about this one. How much electricity does it consume? Natural bacteria in an outside container converts it to compost without any electricity input.

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03/20/2008 09:27 AM daveatbobvila

That's a good point Handyman. On one hand, diverting food waste from landfill - good. On the other, using electricity to ground it up - not so good. I would *guess* the electricity used was minimal compared to the savings but I don't have studies to back it up.

Probably in an ideal world we would all compost in a natural way but, as it stands right now, it's not likely to happen. Making things convenient for people makes it happen. So I'm standing by my original post. Plus, it's cool.

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