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Raycop: A homeowner's lightsaber against the Swine Flu.

Virus-Killing Vacuum Cleaner

What does the H1N1 virus fear the most? If you guessed "a vaccine," "the World Health Organization" or "Purell," you are wrong. No, the unfortunately-named Swine Flu's greatest enemy is a hand-held vacuum-cleaner.

The new Raycop is no ordinary Dust-buster (it retails for about $199). This stingray-shaped sucker of soot has a built-in UV-C sterilizing lamp that allegedly kills 99.9% of the H1N1 virus, as well as other germs, dust mites and bacteria. It also has a vibrating pad that helps agitate the dust mites to release them from bed mattresses and other furnishings and a 2-stage micro allergy filtration system that eliminates the pesky purveyors of asthmatic allergens and their feces.

So while the surviving .01% of H1N1 may go on to mutate into a new "bison flu," "chicken flu," or "what-have-you flu," at least your home will be pretty safe against The Swine.


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Batman has the Joker

11/12/2009 10:51 AM Handyman

Superman, Lex Luthor
Aquaman, Turtle (Entourage reference)
Swine Flu's nemesis is the Raycop?
Love the product hate the name.
I have an idea why don't we come up with a new name for this fighter of filth, this "Germinator".
The Germinator
The Flu Buster
The H 1 End 1
The "Orca Tail of Doom" (gimme a break, it kinda looks a bit like a whale's tail.
Think you can do better? let's see.

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11/13/2009 01:21 PM scottjensen1

There’s another way to help make your home safe from the flu, and it involves washable, frequently touched hard surfaces, where H1N1 and other germs can live for many hours. A dilute solution of handy, inexpensive chlorine bleach (2 tbsp. in a quart of water or for a larger quantity, 1/4 cup in a gallon of water) deals a hard blow to germs. You can use the solution to sanitize door knobs, toys, countertops, hard surfaces all around the house.

Scott Jensen, American Chemistry Council

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