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Vinyl Flooring Linked to Autism

U.S. and Swedish researchers have discovered a surprising link between vinyl flooring and autism in children. In the course of researching allergies and indoor air pollutants, scientists discovered infants and toddlers who "lived in bedrooms with vinyl or PVC flooring were twice as likely to develop autism five years later than those with wood or linoleum flooring." The scientists said the connection was "far from conclusive" and recommended further study. Vinyl floors are made with phthalates, a softener for plastics, which may be emitted into the air from normal wear-and-tear. The controversial chemical was banned by Congress for use in children's products in 2008. In all, researchers identified four environmental factors associated with autism: vinyl flooring, the mother's smoking, family economic problems and poor ventilation in the home. For more information about proper home ventilation and healthy indoor air quality, see the renovateyourworld.com article, "Prescription for a Healthy Home."


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Vinyl Flooring

04/20/2009 04:26 PM 697295a

It amazes how such a great Health Condition can come from such a "harmless" looking item.

We do have to be careful not only with what we eat, but what we build with.


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Pulling up the Vinyl

04/20/2009 05:57 PM Arthunter111

My wife and I were considering changing the flooring in our bathrooms and laundry anyway. This sure motivates me to do it!

I wonder how much more money going tile would be than just getting new vinyl?

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Wood floors are better

11/10/2009 02:29 PM michelleanovel

I've heard about this for years. I think that you are better off, all around, having hardwood flooring or even laminate flooring for the home. Eliminates all sorts of problems.

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