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Chinese Drywall may cause respiratory problems, nose bleeds and headaches.

Two Days Left to File Chinese Drywall Complaint

Homeowners who have -- or suspect they have -- a brand of Chinese Drywall called Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin must have the drywall identified and a complaint filed by a federal court-imposed deadline of December 2nd, according to the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center.

Although testing for -- and treatment of -- Chinese Drywall remains an unresolved issue, the people at the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center are sure of one thing: The Chinese Drywall problem is bigger than the government is acknowledging. And even though reports of Chinese Drywall symptoms are limited to a handful of states, the Americas Watchdog's group suggests that residences in all 50 states may be effected. Furthermore, the contaminated drywall may pose some serious health risks, including respiratory issues, nose bleeds and headaches. There could be fire hazards as well.

Contact info for the Americas Watchdog can be found on the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center site.

Have you discovered contaminated drywall in your home?


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12/30/2009 04:40 PM maxmanroe

Why did it happen? Are the goods imported from China has not been checked first? Ok, how's the latest on the subject?

Marikxon Manurung

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