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It's the way of the future.
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Turn to the Sun

Solar power filling all the world's energy needs in 20 years? It's going to happen, according to the man who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union and the spread of Internet. Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts solar technology will advance exponentially much like the development of the modern computer. While solar and wind power currently only supply one percent of world's energy needs, Kurzweil contends there is 10,000 times more sunlight than we need to supply all our energy needs. Here's hoping he's right.


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will it work though?

02/29/2008 05:53 AM neverpaint

Hi. an interesting post, but surely solar power can only work in countries with good sunny climates?! I mean, here in england, as you may already know, it rains all the time, and we dont get a lot of sun, apart from maybe 6 weeks during the summer. Solar powere here is extremely expensive. If i fitted panels to my house, it would take around 25 years for me to recoup my investment, so what would be the point??? Yep, solar panels are good, but not for everyone!!
from guy, in the UK

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03/20/2008 09:54 AM daveatbobvila

Good point neverpaint. I think the hope is technology will someday be able to gather even the weakest bits of sunlight and convert it into useful energy. But yes, we're not quite there yet for you guys in the UK :-)

On a side note, I recently read about researchers investigating converting "incidental" kinetic energy such as the energy generated from people walking across floors. Just imagine how much energy could be generated from commuters going through Grand Central Station everyday. There are a lot of good ideas out there.

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