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photo courtesey of Ikea Many Ikea cabinets, like these, are ready for same-day pickup. Talk about a fast remodel tip!

Thoughts and Reviews on Ikea Cabinets?

Anyone out there have an Ikea Kitchen? I am about to start a kitchen renovation that requires knocking down one entire wall and opening up two others. I need all new appliances, floors, countertops and cabinetry. And I have a month to get it done.

(Please tell me you think it's doable.)

I personally love the look of Ikea kitchens. Plus, the cabinetry is available right away AND they're incredibly affordable. But it's the quality I'm concerned about. Anyone have the cabinets for more than 5 years? How do they look?

My contractor thinks Ikea kitchens could reduce my resale value in terms of prestige. But I hear Consumer Reports rated them within Top 5 kitchen cabinets on the market.

So please share your experience with this brand. Tell me what product line you have, what color (I specifically need feedback on the white ones), and how well they are holding up.


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No problems so far

06/11/2010 03:19 PM bdhobbs

I bought a house 6 years ago that was remodeled with IKEA cabinets before I bought it, and I haven't had any problems with them whatsoever.

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Great Kitchens and SUPER easy to install

06/14/2010 08:57 AM davidjackson123

Hey Katie,
I agree, IKEA kitchens look amazing and the price point makes them very affordable. In our last condo my wife and I put in an IKEA kitchen using their ADEL white doors and an oak countertop. We did something similar to what you are describing: knocked down a wall and replaced everything including the appliances. Since our place was a condo the demolition only took a few hours and preparing the walls and floors took the rest of the day. The next morning we assembled the cabinets which is very easy and put them in place. The bottom cabinets get screwed together and have adjustable legs so you can level them properly. The oak countertop that we bought is extremely hard so it took some patience cutting through it but was no problem to do with a hand held circular saw. We didn't use any upper cabinets but they have a pretty ingenious mounting system. They hang off a bar that you mount to the wall before hand so you can just bolt the cabinets to that. We had everything in place and hooked up by the end of the weekend. I think it was two solid days of work from start to finish.

We were thrilled with our kitchen and it became the most used room in the house. We got a tonne of compliments on it and it raised the value of our condo by probably $10k. The best part of these kitchens is all the different options you have. You can go online and plan your kitchen out in 3D before hand and get a sense of how you are going to use the kitchen. We went through a number of different versions of what we wanted before actually going to the store and buying it. Once we were at the store the sales person had some good advice on some small changes which really added to the functionality of the kitchen.

I think you're right on style with white doors. White is so nice because it's bright and you can pair it with almost any countertop or accessory. What's cool too is that all the doors are a standard IKEA size so you can mix and match door styles. A friend of ours did dark brown doors on the bottom cabinets and white ones on the top and it looks amazing!

We never had a problem with the quality of the cabinets. All the drawers held up, the doors didn't chip or scratch, no sagging in the shelves. Everything was great. We have since moved to a house and are busy planning our next IKEA kitchen!! Can't wait to get started!

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Ikea kitchen cabinets

06/17/2010 04:11 PM katiehbugbee

Thanks for the great feedback. I went to Ikea yesterday and designed the Adel kitchen in 3D. I could spend days at that place! I think I have a great start on it and it will only take 1 or 2 more visits before I have every detail in place.

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