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Photo courtesy of OdorlessToilets.com.

The Race to Create the Perfect Toilet

As a writer here, I am continually amazed by the amount of resources devoted to toilet research. No less than three months since Ventex Systems announced the launch of what they called the first odorless toilet, they now have a competitor in Smith Innovations. Their VIP toilet system has a battery-powered fan that removes foul air from beneath the user and flushes it out into the sewer along with the accompanying waste. It is much the same as the Ventex System except it installs just like a regular toilet with no additional construction. It's only a matter of time before this technology becomes the new standard.


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VIP Odorless Toilet

08/03/2008 10:24 AM smitty0468

We have owned two of these toilets
for the last few months. We find them
to be all that the manufacturer says
and more.

We have discarded all of our room
deodorizers and exhaust fans in our

This fixture should be in every home,
restaurant, hotel, etc., etc., etc.

Morton S.
Delray Beach, Fl

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Odorless toilet

08/04/2008 11:32 AM pats804

All I can say is AMAZING!!! I also have one of these. I bought it a few months ago... I'm a mother of 3 teenage boys and a husband. Something about men in the bathroom (lol). Anyway, I've always had to use sprays and burning candles just so I could walk into the bathroom after one of them had used it.

NO MORE!! This has been a god send to my household!! We've also had many parties and our guests come out of our bathroom and it becomes the topic of conversation. It doesn't look any different than our old toilet, but the fact that it has a high powered flush, and the thing uses LESS WATER, there are so many things that make this a perfect product.

I have to laugh, who knew something so simple could make a every day task so much more enjoyable!! I also love the fact that there aren't any holes in my walls... what an terrific idea!!

What I want to know is why these big fancy million dollar homes don't have them? Good luck and thanks Smith Innovations! We'll be installing another in the second bathroom by the end of the year! -

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08/10/2008 10:37 AM Allison1888

It is amazing what they can do with toilets. Great innovations!

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Odorless Toilet

08/21/2008 11:50 AM plumber4u

The problem with this unit is that #1 it is electronic powered and #2 the way they vent it into the sewer line. That will definitely be a issue due to the reverse fumes and bacteria from the sewer line. Going against the big boys good luck!!

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Odorless toilet

03/30/2009 03:29 PM MrPlumber

I've been a plumber for over 35 years and seen a lot of things in my time. Years ago they had a odor free toilet that never really worked. I was wondering when they would get around to making one that really worked. After reading some of the comments here and throughout the web I decided to get the facts myself. I went to the IAPMO website( the world authority on plumbing fixtures)to find the Vip. Here were my findings.
#1 the Vip odorless toilet is a certified product, in fact it has a few certifications.
#2 The company website had some info about the odor system and that is low voltage. For anyone that does not what low voltage is is the one that will not shock you.
#3 I needed more information so I called the company. Mr. Smith got on the phone with me and answered my questions one after another. After our chat i will tell you that if the toilets are as smart as he is the big boys have something to worry about.
To you plumber4u, do you homework before you make judgments. Better to be suspected as a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Good luck Mr. Smith, nice product!

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