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The MUDDKING multi-tool.

The MUDDKING Drywall Tool: Man's New Best Friend?

I don't find myself doing a lot of drywall work, but I can appreciate those who do. It's laborious at best, and any corner cutting can show up later.

That said, it's small wonder there are new innovations meant to improve the life of a drywaller. The latest to come across my desk is the MUDDKING, described as first-ever drywall tool that does inside corners, outside corners, joints/seams and nail/screw holes. It's kind of a classic all-in-one

I haven't put hands to the MUDDKING yet, so I can't speak to its effectiveness. I friend of mine who frequently does drywall took a look at it and said, "Yeah, I'd buy one." Although he hasn't, yet.

I'm curious to know what an experienced drywaller has to say about the MUDDKING. Anyone out there using one now?


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MuddKing, new favorite drywall tool!

10/17/2010 02:01 PM davidmoon

I am a handyman in the western new york area, and I have to do a lot of drywall repair and finishing. I find this tool to be very helpful since I no longer need to have 3 tools in my hand. This tool does the job of many, and I don't have the clean up that I did before.

This tool works seamlessly between inside and outside corners as well as general seams.

I would recommend this tool to anyone that needs an easier tool to use, plus the clean up is easier since I only have one tool to clean up instead of three.

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Muddking Drywall Tool

10/20/2010 06:18 PM warrench

I tried the Muddking drywall tool and love it! After years of having so much trouble finishing corners, I finally found something that makes the job so much easier! I would highly recommend this product who wants to get the job done faster and easier.

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