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Beware of pool drains that can pull or trap swimmers Beware of pool drains that can pull or trap swimmers

The Hidden Danger of Pool Drains

Whoa, sometimes you read a story that just takes your breath away. This heartbreaking story involves a six year old girl who had her intestines ripped out after she sat on a drain in a wading pool. She lived, but her life will never be the same. Many people are unaware that pool drains can create a powerful suction, I certainly never realized they were this powerful. After numerous cases of children drowning or being injured by pool drains, several states have already passed pool-safety laws. North Carolina requires pools to have dual drains to lessen the suction. Expect this horrific case to lend extra momentum to a federal pool-safety law that has, until now, stalled in Congress.


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Pool Safety

07/25/2007 02:41 PM pparenee

Thank you for bringing attention to this subject. Dual drains are certainly helpful, however it is not uncommon for a dual drain system to only be operating on one drain as drains can become blocked with leaves, toys, etc. There have been other instances where a dual drain system has been blocked with plastic bags or towels. For these reasons the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safe Kids Worldwide, and other organizations that are interested in drowning prevention, strongly recommend layers of protection. The last layer being a Safety Vacuum Release System or SVRS.

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