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Interior Secretary Dirk Kemthorne is the owner of one mighty fine office bathroom for the next couple weeks until he leaves office. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The $235,000 Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation totaling $235,000 is a lot to spend. Luckily for the outgoing Secretary of the Interior and former Idaho governor Dirk Kempthorne, it was all paid for by you, the American taxpayer. The renovations on his office bathroom included a new shower, wood paneling and tile, refrigerator, freezer and monogrammed towels. Not sure why anyone would want a refrigerator in a bathroom, but I guess he wanted to make it extra swanky. This might be the most expensive bathroom renovation I've ever read about.


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$235,000 Bathroom?

01/10/2009 09:00 AM chgowhtlady

And they are impeaching Rod Blagojevich for a telephone call? Why don't we impeach them all for abusing our tax money for their own private useage? Start with George, jr, Cheney, Kempthorne and various others to numerous to mention here. It's time for Americans everywhere to revolt and start their own revolution by throwing these guys out and I don't mean by voting! How many of us are losing our $235,000 homes because we lost our jobs and can't pay our mortgages not because we made bad choices. If we did to the government what they have done to us over these past 8 years, we would truly see a radical change and get so much needed peace. Only GOD can fix this!

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$235,000 Bathroom Renovation

01/10/2009 09:26 PM DaGeenus

The world of the Federal Government is much like Hollywood. Reality is insignificant. There a politician is promoted to Committee Chairman with a record that would ban a School Teacher from ever again teaching.
The bathroom renovation is but another example of outstanding role models in government.
Public service is a noble cause, just ask them.
Meanwhile, taxpayers struggle to protect their savings, homes and provide.

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