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Do you know how to properly dispose of this paint can?

Test Your Knowledge about Hazardous Materials

I love online quizzes. Here's one that taught me a thing or two about what is considered a hazardous material and what is safe to throw away in the trash. This quiz from Learner.org tests your knowledge of waste disposal guidelines. Decide whether the item shown (such as paint or prescription drugs) is: hazardous, recyclable, able to be disposed of with the regular household trash or able to be washed down the drain. The quiz is based on typical U.S. waste disposal guidelines, but all communities have their own rules and regulations. Check with your local town or city hall for specific information about your community.


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Hazardous houshold waste should be picked up just as recyclables

01/05/2008 06:31 PM thestucco

Like the title says, unless disposing of hazardous waste is as convenient as disposing of recyclables, most home owners are simply going to dump the hazardous waste with the rest. The common thinking is: "It's only a (almost empty) can of paint, it won't hurt if I just throw it in a trash". We definitely need some kind of red colored bins similar to blue recycle ones to be picked up by the same waste disposal company.


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