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Smog-eating roof tiles.

Smog-Eating Roof | Roof Materials

What's the best way to combat air pollution? Install smog-eating roofing tiles.

SMOG-EATING Technology roof tiles--or SET Roof Tiles--do just that: eat smog. Well, not so much eat, but reduce, at any rate. Made by Boral Roofing (formerly MonierLifetile), the SET concrete Roof Tiles contain titanium dioxide--a photo catalytic agent--which breaks down polluting nitric oxide molecules in the air, improving overall air quality.

The smog-eating properties of the tiles are considered "long-lasting" and environmentally-friendly. I'd love to know an actual life-span on the emission-reducing agent. Surely it can't perform this miracle indefinitely.

Also, while I can't imagine one home's worth of SET Roof-Tiles making a huge impact in a neighborhood or city, it is easy to think that an entire town's worth can start to make a dent in smog levels. Is this an opportunity to incentivize?


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