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An installed Skuttletight, in the slightly raised position.

Skuttletight Prevents Energy Loss Into the Attic | Attic Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Although many homeowners know it, it's worth repeating that the home's access point to the attic--often referred to as the skuttle--can be the location of serious energy loss during both the heating and cooling seasons.

The Skuttletight is an insulated attic system designed to greatly reduce energy loss through the attic skuttle. Suitable for new construction or retrofits, the Skuttletight can fit attic hatches, entryways, stairs, covers and doors.

Skuttletight makes two options--one for the ceiling entrance and one for a kneewall entrance. The former, called the Model ST-100, is built with internal weatherstripping and EPS foam that give it an R-40 insulating value. The kneewall panel, called the Model ST-200 SW, has an R-19 insulating value.

Prices vary across the country, but a homeowner can expect to pay around $200 for the energy-saving Skuttletight, which, as an insulating system, also qualifies for the energy tax credit.

Both Skuttletight units are best installed using a professional contractor. Dealer locators are found on the company's website.

To determine if the home needs the extra insulating properties of a system like the Skuttletight, homeowners should look into getting a Home Energy Audit. If the auditor uses a thermal imaging device, have a look at the results on the attic entry space. You might be shocked by what you see. Check out the image on this page which shows energy loss through an attic space looking through a Forward Looking Infrared camera, used to identify energy loss problem spots.

What steps have you taken to seal up your home lately?


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EZ Hatch Attic Access Door

04/28/2010 08:38 PM batticdoor

Battic Door Energy Conservation Products introduces the E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door System For Energy Star Home and Green Building Contractors.

The E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door System is an easy to install, R-42 insulated, pre-finished attic access door system that installs into the ceiling in minutes and provides a sealed, energy-efficient, 22x30 access opening into the attic space.

Developed by Contractors as an alternative to energy wasting pull down attic stairs, the E-Z Hatch installs in minutes with only a utility knife and a screwdriver.

Designed for use in new construction or retrofit applications for Contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The unit consists of a wood frame, an insulated door, and all interior trim.

The E-Z Hatch overhead attic access door system is highly insulated and triple-weatherstripped to provide the maximum energy conservation possible.

Available in 22" x 30" for new construction or retrofit, the E-Z Hatch Attic Access Door exceeds all Building and Energy Code requirements, including the new Energy-Star Thermal Bypass requirements. Special introductory pricing is available.

The door is made of Expanded Polystyrene foam that provides an insulation value of R-42. The lightweight door opens with little effort, allowing easy entry into the attic space. The finished face on the door fits tightly into the finished trim when the door closes.

Engineered for use with any type of insulation, including blown-in insulation. The tall wood frame acts as an insulation dam, which holds the insulation back from the opening, and takes the mess out of getting into the attic space.

Available at your local Building Supply Center, or Factory Direct by mail order.

For complete details, visit on line at http://www.batticdoor.com, or tel. 508.320.9082 or email info@batticdoor.com

Mark D. Tyrol is a Professional Engineer specializing in cause and origin of construction defects. He developed several residential energy conservation products including an attic stair cover and an attic access door. Battic Door is the US distributor of the fireplace plug. To learn more visit www.batticdoor.com

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