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Simplicity Baby Furniture: Simply Not Safe?

Prominent retailer Wal-Mart continues to stock Simplicity bassinets despite three baby deaths connected to the product. According to this consumer affairs news story, the death of two infants was caused by the faulty frame on the Winnie the Pooh 4-in-1 Simplicity Bassinet. The police report says the frame on the bassinet collapsed and crushed the two children. In a separate report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), on August 21, a five-month-old girl was strangled to death when she became entrapped between a Simplicity bassinet's metal bars. Although the product has not yet been officially recalled, the CPSC is actively investigating.

In 2007, more than a million Simplicity cribs were recalled after the deaths of four children were linked to the product. According to Consumer Affairs, the manufacturer appears to no longer be in business. Calls to the Simplicity headquarters by the Consumer Affairs reporter were greeted by a pre-recorded message stating: "Simplicity, Inc. is no longer in business and we no longer service Simplicity, Inc. products." Sounds like a step in the right direction. Now, let's get these products out of the market.


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09/22/2008 01:28 PM dmichel

I couldn't agree more. Simplicity products just aren't up to par. I have received a crib and bassinet that were recently recalled. I mean who has time for this and not to mention more importantly the lack of safety. As consumers we place our trust in these products to work efficiently and safely. And then you have the issue, as with the bassinets, of companies not wanting to service these products. Have we become so overly engrossed in our own lives and the "give me now" and "give me it the easiest way" that we don't value really customer service. In an economy where money is tight I want what I pay for. For example I had the motor to my fisher price swing break when my little one was only 6mo. I called the company with out a receipt (it was a gift) and they asked for some info. and sent me a new motor. NO hassle and free of charge.
I am planning on returning both items to the retailer where they were purchased and I will not buy any more simplicity products. In addition I plan on staying away from SFCA, Inc. products as well. I believe that when you acquire a company you take on the bad and good that comes with it. And when a mass recall happens you step up to the plate. They claim that they have no legal responsibility to previous simplicity products but I am sure that they don't turn away the profits that come to them as a result of the simplicity merchandise still being sold. Ethics and standard would be good here.

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product safety

09/28/2008 07:23 PM Allison1888

Let's stay away from WalMart as well -- ridiculous!

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