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A countertop made of Carnelian? Photo courtesy of Cosentino.

Semi-Precious Countertops

Lots of people have granite countertops. But how many do you know with countertops made of amethyst?

The Prexury Collection by Cosentino features countertops made of semi-precious stones such as red jasper, quartz and petrified wood. Bound together using epoxy resin and polished, these handcrafted countertops are both beautiful and distinctive.

The price? That's anybody's guess, the website does not list prices. Hand-crafted in Spain using semi-precious stones? I'll say, "Not cheap." I suggest contacting them directly for a price quote if you are interested.
What do you think: Pretty or pretty ugly?


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Semi-precious countertops

10/05/2009 10:11 AM FishDoctor

Ugly - like summer camp projects in the '50's and '60's composed of sea shells, dried flowers, insects and even ratttlesnake jaws. I was hoping to see semi-precious gem stone from CO, NV, UT, ID, OR, worked into a concrete countertop.

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precious stone counter top

10/05/2009 10:14 AM sunnyporter

I don't like it,to busy for my taste. It looks like barf and not appetizing to me. But a lot of others may like it.

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matching kitchen cabinets

10/14/2009 02:02 PM bossgary33

I'm a contractor and I always have a headache getting clients to get high quality kitchen cabinets to match their kitchen countertops. It just seems that some people always want to scrimp a little and shave a little off the edges in their budgets. It just seems like a shame to me, and I can always spot the difference.

great blog.


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Only a little ugly

02/18/2010 07:39 AM SolidCraft

Mostly very pretty. I dig it.


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