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Robotic Television

And I thought flat-screen televisions were slick. Here's the next generation:


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This TV rocks!

03/26/2008 11:55 AM DIYhomecenter

So do they include instructions on how this was done?

What happens if a small child is underneath it when it goes to close?

Where do all the cords go, it seems they would get twisted?

If it's anything like my bed their is no room to store a TV under it.....


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03/27/2008 01:42 PM daveatbobvila

Hey DIYhomecenter,
You ask a lot of good questions and unfortunately I don't have the answers :-(

The person who posted the video did not include directions or any kind of a write-up. If anyone knows anything more about this robotic arm, we'd love to hear about it.

I'd imagine the robotic arm would not be sophisticated enough to avoid small children hiding under the bed. That's the problem with robots...

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