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Robot Driveway Shoveller


Living in the Northeast, I can tell you from experience that shoveling snow is one of the most arduous tasks you will ever have to complete. Now, a company called I-Shovel is looking to automate this chore with a Jetson-style robot. Its patent-pending technology allows the robot to detect snow accumulation and determine the perimeter of the area to be shoveled. Once it determines the area has received enough snow, the bot goes to work. While only in the prototype stage, it looks promising from the video. The makers believe it will be affordable and hope to get a production model out later this year, hopefully just in time for next winter.


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05/10/2008 01:24 PM sailor86

Growing up in the Northeast (Baltimore), I remember what snow was all about (though we lived in an apartment,ergo, we had the shoveling down for us). I now reside in Texas, but I know what to look for if I ever move back up there. (these bones ain't 16 no more).


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