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Is the Robby Wash up to the task?

Robby Wash: A Better Kind of Clean?

I once took the advice of my Mom and tried substituting those prickly plastic Dryer Balls for standard dryer sheets. I liked the idea of keeping unnecessary chemicals away from my clothes (dryer sheets can have all sorts of toxic chemicals impregnated into them). What I found, though, was that the Dryer Balls didn't do much to soften the clothes or reduce static. And they certainly did nothing to improve the smell.

I have yet to try "laundry balls," the dryer balls' washing machine counterpart. Just today I saw an announcement that Oransi, manufacturer of a laundry ball option popular in Europe, will be selling its balls that they purport to save over 75 lbs. of traditional detergent over a 12 month period.

Each hypoallergenic ball--called "Robby Wash"--contains 10 ounces of "macro-molecules" of detergent which get released into the laundry load in hot or cold cycles. The refillable balls apparently last two to three years and
cost $32.95. One 10-ounce "load" of the special detergent in the ball lasts 120 wash cycles (or 12 months, according to the site).

For a video demo on how the Robby Wash works, check out their YouTube video.

The undying question: do these types of detergent-replacement solutions work? I like the idea of eliminating traditional detergents, which aren't the best for the environment, but I want my washing detergent--in whatever form it comes--to actually work. $30 isn't much to spend for a trial run with Robby Wash, so I may just give this one a try.

Would you try the Robby Wash?


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Would I try the Robby Wash?

03/18/2010 11:45 AM theveryessence

No. I don't like using anything that is a detergent, I find the detergent itself makes fabrics un-soft. Besides, I do not like any type of detergent no matter how new fangled it is. I prefer to use Thieves Household Cleaner, it's not a detergent, it's very eco-friendly and saves me a lot of money.

Regarding dryer static, I never use any dryer sheets either - I discovered many years ago that 'static' in cloting is a direct result of over-drying clothing. To remedy static, simply tweak the temp of the dryer (make it a tad cooler) or little by little shorten the drying time until you otain the point where clothes are dry but not overly dry and full of static. This is simple, saves time, saves energy.

I think we need to apply more smarts first than developing and searching for new technology to solve problems. I enjoy using my brain to solve a problem 'before' turning to yet another product or thing to buy - the world already has WAY too much stuff that we don't really need. This too saves time, money, and natural resources --and-- it's Green!

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