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Protests spark in Maine over a wind farm like this one.

Protests Over Maine Wind Farm | Renewable Energy and Wind Turbines

Members of Earth First! protested the continuing construction of a wind farm on Kibby Mountain in the Kibby Township of Maine. One activist chained herself to a truck that was carrying a turbine blade to the job site. This according to an article yesterday in the Kennebec Journal.

Apparently the Earth First! folk feel the current project is too big (currently 22 turbines are running, another 22 are to be built on Kibby and 15 new turbines are set to go up on nearby Sisk Mountain) and threatens the local lynx population.

It's hard to argue against wind turbines--commercial and/or residential--as the Gulf Coast blackens with oil, but I suppose it is good to ensure that these power companies are minimizing the impact to the surrounding plant and animal life. I'd hate to be trading one environmental disaster for another down the road.

That said, I'm not one to bemoan the loss of a ridgeline's aesthetic appeal when turbines go up. I personally find them to be elegant machines representative of forward thinking.

What's your take on the matter?


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Not in My Back Yard

07/11/2010 09:14 AM Handyman

Anybody who opposes the power generated by these turbines should be required to spend a month cleaning up oil on the Gulf coast. These turbines are clean money machines. I only wish I had enough wind to get them in my back yard.


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Note to Ben and Greg

07/11/2010 07:27 PM PenobScotty

A good article on wind, called Green Backlash: The Wind Turbine Controversy, ran awhile back. Please see:

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Oil and Wind

07/11/2010 07:41 PM PenobScotty

"It's hard to argue against wind turbines--commercial and/or residential--as the Gulf Coast blackens with oil". ---- Well, I can see how one might arrive at that on the basis of emotion. But in Maine, there is virtually no connection between oil and wind power:
1. Maine makes its electricity with natural gas and hydro; oil is not used to make electricity
2. Oil in Maine is used for driving; we do not drive with electricity
3. Oil in Maine is used for heating; we are not set up to heat with electricity in Maine and when this was tried in the 70's it failed
----------- That said, Maine has the oldest housing stock in the nation and given our cold climate, we could reduce oil use considerably via weatherization. Also, we could set a goal to eventually convert from oil to natural gas for heating, the latter being far cleaner, domestically abundant and affordable. Finally, because of the skittering of wind, the backup fossil fuel plants in Maine that must always precisely match grid demand and supply, have to constantly modulate up and down to in-fill for wind. This state of flux creates highly inefficient burning like a car in stop and go traffic, meaning that no CO2 is avoided and no fossil fuel is saved by virtue of wind farms. It's all about companies harvesting government subsidies lobbied for successfully over 10 years ago by the company that created today's wind industry - ENRON. Please visit us at:

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Mountaintop Industrial Wind

07/12/2010 11:50 AM KarenPease

It's unfortunate that Greg chose to be abrasive as well as dismissive regarding those who oppose Governor Baldacci's plan to erect turbines along 350 miles of Maine's pristine mountain ridges. I don't know of anyone who is not concerned over the mess in the Gulf. But to use that tragedy in the context of that statement is out of line, imo. Do not free-thinking Americans have the right-- and the obligation-- to protest something when they believe it to be a colossal mistake? And to do so without censure from other Americans?

Maine does not generate electricity from oil. In fact, Maine is an electricity exporter, as we already produce more than we consume. And gentlemen, all is not as it appears where industrial wind is concerned. I have spend months reading what experts, scientists and economists are writing about this topic, and I believe that if you knew that real facts, you would be opposing this plan for Maine's mountains, too. Please take the time to do the research and get informed before you castigate others for working hard to change a misguided plan before it is too late to stop it. I think, if you look at this with an open mind, you will be astounded by what you find. For more information and links to good resources, please check out www.highlandmts.org or contact me through www.karenbesseypease.blogspot.com/
Respectfully submitted, Karen Pease, Lexington Twp., Maine

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