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Programmable Thermostats

With energy costs skyrocketing, homeowners are looking for ways to save money. One of the easiest ways is to use a programmable thermostat. It's estimated that doing so can shave about 10 percent off your annual heating and cooling bill. But not only are programmable thermostats good for your wallet, their efficiency is also good for the environment. Each properly used programmable thermostat reduces the use of 1,847 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions a year. So, why not use a programmable thermostat? Energy Star makes it easy with this page of tips and a video podcast on using a programmable thermostat. And installation is easy. renovateyourworld.com's Step by Step How To video, "Replacing a Mercury Thermostat with a Programmable One", shows you how.


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Use with HeatPumps

07/08/2008 10:18 AM lstrohl1


I was considering the installation of a programmable thermostat a year or so ago, but came across this web-article that indicated that they were not recommended when using a heat pump.

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Home Freeze Alarms are another Alternative

09/17/2008 08:31 PM mjdonovan

I installed a home freeze alarm in a vacation home a couple of years ago.

Similiar to the benefits of a programmable thermostat, it allows me to control the temperature of the home via a simple phone call. With two theromstats tying into it, I have one set at 50 degrees and the other set at 70 degrees. With one quick phone call I can switch the thermostat being monitored by the freeze alarm system. This is excellent when I am gone for a few weeks. I can have the heat set at 50 degrees while I am not there and then simply make a phone call to switch to the 70 degree set thermostat. All I do is call 2 hours before I set off for the home, and it is toasty warm when I get there.

In addition, the home freeze alarm protects my home by calling me if the temperature in the home goes below a pre-programmed level.



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Programmable Thermostats

02/01/2010 04:12 PM Kimlovestea

My husband and I just bought a new home at the end of July 2009. We have a Programmable Thermostat installed already, but I've never taken the time to learn how it works. I didn't realize that there was such potential savings in utilizing its functionality. I think I have a new weekend mini-project!

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