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A Blu | Origin factory built home. Photo by Brian Jones.

Pre-Fab Or Green-Fab?

Here at Renovate Your World we've given a fair amount of attention to factory built homes, including panelized homes, modular homes and even homes built out of converted shipping containers.

So the new Blu | Origin pre-fab homes from Blu Homes aren't necessarily introducing us to any new concept. But that should take nothing away from what is new about the company's Blu | Origin line. Built to be used in a wide variety of manners, the Blu | Origin spaces are eco-friendly, factory built living modules that can be affordable shipped within weeks -- anywhere in the country -- and assembled on site within days.

The units feature open layouts, numerous windows for natural light, renewable bamboo floors, recycled paper countertops, low-flow fixtures and energy star appliances, no or low VOC paints and finishes, and even hybrid or electric car plug-ins. This is green living, for sure.

The website is worth the visit, just to check out the images of the new line of living spaces.


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