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Sunlight. Get some!

Plug In, Light Up

A new video by Trina Solar Limited features actor and race car drive Patrick Dempsey discussing the benefits of solar power and the difference solar power can make to communities of the traditional energy grid.

The video -- titled "Plug It In, Light It Up" -- is worth watching. It's a quality production with a good message. Nevermind that Dempsey's profession -- race car driving -- requires an obscene amount of oil, both for fuel and the production of the race car tires that they burn through with every handful of laps.

Does this mean Dempsey has abandoned his wastrel ways? Doubtful. But at least he's getting behind a good message.

Do you have solar panels on your home? Has it made a difference in your life?


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Dempsey's profession

12/27/2011 06:10 PM MelMarchand

This video is excellent and definitely worth watching but Patrick Dempsey's profession is not race car driving. That may be an avocation/passion for him, but he is first and foremost an actor -- Derrick Sheppard, aka Dr. McDreamy -- on Gray's Anatomy. Not sure if that gets him off the hook for squandering energy resources, but hopefully we can cut him a little slack.

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