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Phantom Energy Drainers

Quick quiz. Which household appliance burns the most energy when not in use? According to this graphic, it's a plasma TV, costs owners $159.76 a year. That's a lot of money to waste. With electricity bills going up and up, more homeowners are becoming aware of these so-called "phantom" or "vampire" energy drains. For example, did you know that your computer is costing you $34 a year while it sits idling? It's estimated these drains cost U.S. consumers a total of $3 billion a year. The big takeaway from this information? Get a power strip and power down, or unplug your appliances and electronics when not in use.


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power loss

09/28/2008 07:20 PM Allison1888

I've often wondered about my old computer sitting there plugged in. Time to unplug it I guess -- and probably toss it out as well.

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