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Although they fell out of fashion long ago, window awnings can provide big savings cooling your home. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Opt for Awnings

With the rise of the air conditioner, conventional methods of cooling a home have fallen out of favor. But with the cost of electricity going up, more people are reconsidering the old methods. Here's one for you: window awnings. A new study from the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association found awnings can reduce the use of cooling energy by as much as 26 percent in hot climates and 33 percent in cold climates. The study measured seven cities across the climate zones: Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, St. Louis and Sacramento. I'm surprised the greatest savings were found in colder climates like we've got here in Boston. It has me thinking of a good summer project for my home.


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Benefits of retractable awnings

03/17/2008 01:32 AM FreeLaminateFlooringBooks

Great post. Apart from the energy saving, just imagine how much longer your furnishings and furniture will last. By installing awnings, you will also cut down tremendously on sun and UV damage. At the same time, you will be improving your family's quality of life, as you will probably be able to enjoy outdoor areas more.

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