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Photo courtesy of Buck Wyndham. Adding fluid couldn't be easier.

Once Bitten

I drive on the highway in Central Florida, which means I get bombarded with the “love bug” (Plecia nearctica) just about everywhere I go.

Don’t cry for me nearctica.

The truth is I never felt you.

All through your wild days

Your mad existence.

You fly into my windshield

I clean your carcass.

I digress, but did you even know I could sing like Madonna? The simple truth is I spend too much time adding windshield wiper fluid to my car’s reservoir. To prevent making a big mess, I usually keep a funnel in the trunk but it sure does roll around (and things that go bump in the trunk are not something my wife likes to hear). A week ago I saw a funnel that lays completely flat so I can set it on top of the spare tire under the rug in my trunk. Not a bad idea. If I changed my own oil I guess I would use it even more. And it's green. And not spilling fluid, including motor oil and other engine fluids, may just be "green" in other ways.


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05/23/2008 02:56 AM tomas08

Hi: I am new to this so am not sure where to post a review. I am going through a night mare with Simplfloors.com. They shipped me 800sft of cuppeled lenghtwise wood laminate, had two independet inspectors review it..both said manufature error they said they were going to pick up all material and refund me but tonight they said no refund and hung up on me. I am out of over $2000.00 and living on concrete floors so I am, suing them tomorrow for everything. Stay away from them it is an awfully run business

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