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The GeoBulb III: suitable for lamps, lighting fixtures and the end of Gandalf's staff.

New GeoBulb Brings Brighter, Greener Days

GeoBulb just introduced its latest in a line of LED bulbs, the GeoBulb III. Using a scant 7 Watts of power, the GeoBulb III puts out about as much light as a 60-watt incandescent. You do the math there, folks.

And here's some more math to factor in: The GeoBulb III uses half the energy of a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) and has a life of 50,000 hours. I actually have done the math on that. Take the light bulb on my bedside table: I figure it is on for a maximum of 2 hours a day. That's 25,000 days of life, or 68.5 years. It is safe to say that the light within this writer's soul will flicker and die before the light from the GeoBulb III does. Did a lightbulb just turn on above your head? Yeah, it did for me, too.

Now here's another figure for you: the GeoBulb costs $99. Ok, so that dimmed said bulb above my head, but only for a moment. Is a bulb that lasts my lifetime, costs far less to run than an incandescent or CFL, runs cooler and doesn't contain mercury or lead worth $99? I have my opinion--what's yours?

GeoBulb expects the price to drop in the near future. There's also an under counter option. 1 bar (light), AC adaptor and connectors costs $44.95, and a 2-bar expansion kit with connectors costs $74.95.

How are you lighting your home?


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keep it

12/05/2009 09:57 AM jl1018

this is getting out of control... a $100 light bulb??? and for what.....
I'm still not sold on global warming caused by man made co2. In fact, I'm predicting in 10 years govts will be giving incentives to burn more co2 to reverse the earth's coming ice age...
what a hoax, and we just found out the scientist lied about their data.....
when is the world going to wake up....
too bad it will be after they get rich off this scam. I'm all for renewable energy and less pollution, but gimme a break!

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LED lighting in your home or office

12/07/2009 12:12 PM GinnySkalski

Glad the bulb above your head only dimmed and didn't burn out. Your comments about lifetime costs are spot on, Ben. A lot of people are skeptical of LED lights, and the price can certainly be a deterrent.

At Cree, we're giving away five LED lights every month in a photo contest so the lucky winners can try out LED lighting for themselves. Just take a pic of bad lighting in your home or office and submit it to our site for a chance to win:


Hopefully, blog posts like this and contests like ours will help make more people aware of energy-efficient LED lighting.

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Like It...:)

02/04/2010 09:32 AM afiaaimee

I always appreciate the people for their efforts towards the eco-friendliness & glad to see the one @ SUPERIOR LIGHTING, playing yet an important role by launching their energy efficient LEDs & soothing light bulbs.

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