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SkeeterVac® mosquito exterminator. Photo courtesy of Blue Rhino.

Mosquito Trap

There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes roaming around your backyard. The army of them that joined my family’s July 4th celebration was far too much to fend off with a small bottle of bug spray. We desperately needed some added protection. I now know that Blue Rhino’s SkeeterVac could have really helped us avoid our backyard bug problems. This device traps biting insects by acting as a false host site. Evidently, mosquitoes are attracted to humans and pets by the CO2, moisture and heat from our breath and by body odor. The SkeeterVac emits a scented CO2 lure that represents a potential host site to a mosquito. (The amount of lure that is emitted can be adjusted manually). Once the bugs land on the device, they are captured on a sticky trap or by a vacuum fan. There, they quickly dehydrate and die, never to bother you or your family again.


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08/05/2009 02:41 PM NYPestControl

You are right about mosquitoes being attracted to the CO2 that human emit. However, you must also have good landscaping methods to ensure that mosquitoes cannot breed on your property. Standing water is the number on thing that you must prevent to lower mosquito populations on your property. Birdbaths, old tires and clogged gutters are a few areas where mosquitoes breed.

Take a few hours around your home to do these things and you will notice a decrease in the amount of mosquitoes. At night, light some citronella candles and keep them low to the ground to maximize the coverage area of them.

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