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Want a vegetable garden without all the work? Hire a pro.

Lazy Man's Gardening

No doubt more Americans are interested in growing their own vegetables. But who has the time? Now a new company called MyFarm in San Francisco is offering to do the work for you in your own backyard (San Francisco area only). For an upfront fee, the company will design and plant an organic vegetable garden in the customer's backyard. Customers then have the option of maintaining and harvesting the vegetables themselves or paying a weekly fee for MyFarm to handle it. This movement appears to be growing; after two months of operation, the owner has already installed 10 gardens and signed up an additional five clients. Similar unaffiliated operations already exist in Santa Cruz, Boston and D.C. The owners of MyFarm see this as a move away from a reliance on food trucked in from around the country. What do you think?


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Victory Gardens

07/31/2008 11:57 AM

We certainly need a lot more gardening in this country. Not only does it help source food locally. It lessens our dependence on foreign countries supplying us their tainted vegetables.

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Lazy "Wo"Man's Garden

08/01/2008 01:43 PM toyaddict

I would do this if this company was in Harrisburg, PA just to learn how to control the weeds! I love planting a garden but I grow the most AMAZING weeds you have ever seen - Would love for one year to see what someone else does to control them.

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