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Is Bamboo Really All That?

In the past, we've written about bamboo being one of the greenest building materials. Now, Slate.com investigates if it really is all that. On the pro side, bamboo grows extremely quickly (three feet in one day in one species), and it does so with a minimum of fertilizers. But, unfortunately, all these benefits can be offset by heedless growing and cultivation. Some producers chop down old woodlands to plant the tree and use lots of fertilizers to speed up the growing process. Homeowners considering bamboo should check with the manufacturer to find out how the source material was raised and whether the floors use low-formaldehyde glue.


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09/01/2008 10:49 AM Allison1888

Interesting thread. Another thought -- is it really green if we have to move it across the country on a truck -- where is it being transported and how much fuel is used?

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Better off with oak

11/10/2009 02:32 PM michelleanovel

I have a friend who installed these floors in her home. I like my oak flooring better. I think hardwood floors are the way to go, but bamboo may be overrated.

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