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GreenBuild Blog 1: Recycled Building Materials Used for Decor

From funky furniture made from recycled plastic bags to gorgeous countertops manufactured from the glass of old traffic light lenses, this year’s GreenBuild Conference & Expo is home to a plethora of innovative manufacturers using recycled materials in a variety of different products for the home.

What does this mean for everyday homeowners? With the advancements in companies’ manufacturing and product development processes, today’s homeowners have more opportunities now than ever before to choose products for their home that are safer and more durable -- and also help to reduce their carbon footprint.

Below are our top four picks for the best recycled building products we’ve seen at GreenBuild 2009.

1. Vetrazzo
Made from recycled glass, Vetrazzo exquisite glass countertops are a great eco-friendly addition to any home. Even cooler, Vetrazzo provides homeowners with a Certificate of Transformation that tells you exactly where your glass came from such as bottles from curbside recycling programs or from post industrial waste like windows, dinnerware, stemware, automotive windshields and even decommissioned traffic lights. Visit www.vetrazzo.com for more information.

2. Rotoluxe, (pictured)
As we walked up and down the aisles at GreenBuild, Rotoluxe caught our attention due to its fresh, unique and contemporary furniture designs -- as this glowing planter shows. Offering true “cradle to cradle” products, Rotoluxe’s indoor/outdoor furniture is made from 100 percent post-consumer waste and is 100 percent recyclable. Check out www.rotoluxe.com for more information.

3. Vermont Natural Coatings
Using whey, a by-product of cheese making that pollutes our rivers, lakes and oceans, and turning away from using petroleum, a non-renewable resource that oil-based wood finishes and other coatings use, Vermont Natural Coatings has created a professional wood finish gone green. Aside from their beauty, Vermont Natural Coatings are long lasting and safe for your family. Check out www.vermontnaturalcoatings.com for a retailer near you.

4. Eco Domo
Eco Domo recycled leather tiles are a gorgeous eco-friendly alternative to traditional flooring and interior furnishings. Available in crocodile or buffalo recycled leather texture, Eco Domo offers luxurious and stylish flooring and interior furnishing options for today’s eco-savvy homeowners. Visit www.ecodomo.com for more information.

There you have it, our top four picks for the best recycled building materials showcased at GreenBuild. Stay tuned for more of our favorite finds from GreenBuild.

GreenBuild is an international conference and expo on bringing green living to Main Street. It is being covered for renovateyourworld.com by the editors of EcoNewsNetwork.org, a blog that provides news, trends and commentary on ecological issues, challenges, products, processes, science and leisure.


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New way to find reusable building materials in the USA>

04/12/2010 04:57 PM pjm193

I started a new yahoo group today, it’s at

It covers all 50 states in the USA. This group’s purpose is to recycle all the good used building materials that get thrown away each day. Also, I hope this group will increase the use or reusable reclaimed building materials,Anyone in the USA can join. Items must be free.

Got an old barn you’re tearing down? Remodeling and getting rid of good used carpet ,doors, windows, ceramic tile, Ceiling fans, doors, fixtures or furniture. Then join this group!

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