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Modular and Green Modular and Green
Bill Potter of Squash Meadow Construction Modular means less waste at the job site and you get efficiencies of scale and in transportation.

Green on Green

Martha’s Vineyard to get its first single family LEED certified green home this summer. Bill Potter from Squash
Meadow Construction is in the process of building the modular house in Oak Bluffs.

This home will not only receive a projected gold level LEED certification, but will be constructed exclusively with locally sourced (500 miles) products -- a remarkable feat considering the myriad of electrical, plumbing and hardware required.


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Green on Green

07/08/2009 05:15 PM Kerryqp

Thanks for posting us on your site, we love getting the word out on green building and LEED. Small clarification, though much of the trim and finishes are locally harvested, it would be virtually impossible to assure that every single nail and screw was produced within 500 miles.
This is the first single family residential LEED home on the Vineyard, and we are very proud of our anticipated Gold Certification
Join the green revolution!

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