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What's the best type of garbage bag for your trash can?

Go With Generic Garbage Bags?

A common saying around here is "Only a rich man can afford to buy cheap tools." And the folks over at The Simple Dollar seem to have embraced this idea with their endorsement of buying quality garbage bags over cheaper generics. The article runs through the economics of the situation accounting for bag breakage and time lost cleaning up the mess. It makes sense to us. What do you think?


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garbage bags

07/07/2009 10:51 AM 63amysue

Hey that's a good reason to buy the more exspensive bags. I had not thought about it but your right. It does take alot of time to clean up a most from garbage. Ask anyone who has a puppy>

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Garbage Bags

07/08/2009 07:30 AM 697295a

And with the cheaper ones, you usually have to double bag anyway, so what are you really saving.

I buy more expensive (thicker and more durable).


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