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You may need some extra help to rid your home of smoke odors left behind from a former homeowner who smoked.

Getting Rid of Smoke Odors

If you are looking for a new home, you know that one big turnoff can be the smell of a place. Moving into a smoker’s home as a non-smoker can be especially challenging for some people. If you still want the home but not the smell, here are some steps you can take to improve the indoor air quality.

1) Scrub down everything you can over the sink or outside.
2) Remove carpet and padding and replace if possible.
3) Use a heavy-duty primer to seal in smoke on the walls.
4) If necessary, clean ductworks and chimneys.
5) Wash baseboards with a lemon juice and water mixture.


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Great tips

09/21/2008 07:25 PM rrshep

I'll keep these tips to use when I move. It's so hard to get rid of the smoking odor.

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smoke free home

09/22/2008 04:27 PM 697295a

We passed on a house for this very reason, as I didn't think you could get out the odors.

Thanks for the tips.

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Getting Rid of Smoke odors

10/10/2008 08:56 PM Lizbomb

I am a property manager for a large apartment community. I have a decent turnover every month of tenants vacating and new tenants moving in. As you can imagine, I have to deal with the odor problem on a regular basis. Cigarette, pet, mold and mildew odors are the most common not to mention ethnic cooking. I was fortunate enough to have a new product recommended to me by one of my maintenance crew. The product is called “Room Shocker” it's a fairly new product on the market so it's hard to find but you can get it on a website called BiocideSystems.com. This product is so amazing I want tell the whole world, because I know how frustrating it is to keep trying different products that don't deliver. I can tell you, I’ve tried almost everything including enzyme neutralizing products and ozone machines. I can honestly say that nothing works as well as this product. So far I've used it to get vomit smell out, (sorry, I know that's gross, but that is what I deal with) cigarette and cigar odors, funky body odor, moldy smell, and of course dog and cat urine. In all cases, I was amazed each time. I promise, I don't make a commission on this. The stuff really works!

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