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Go from analog to digital by claiming your coupons.

Get Your Digital TV Coupons

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration recently announced that the government now has sufficient funding to redistribute two rebate coupons for converter boxes per household, which will help analog TV watchers make the switch to digital in time for the extended June 12 deadline.

"With the backlog of applications now eliminated, consumers can apply for coupons and get assistance right away, allowing them to continue to receive important local television news and emergency information by purchasing a converter box at a reduced cost," says Anna Gomez, an NTIA administrator.

Consumers will get a $40 rebate on the digital converter boxes, which means that they'll be able to buy a converter for just a few dollars.


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TV Upgrade

04/09/2009 10:36 AM 697295a

I guess I am amazed that so many people still own an old enough TV to need a converter box.

I see people who are driving new cars, but need a converter box?????

Just my two cents.


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