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Some in the environmental movement are going without a fridge, others call the move extreme.

Get Rid of the Fridge?

A small segment in the green movement is taking its efforts to go green to the next level by dumping refrigerators. The issue has created a bit of a division among environmentalists, pitting those who get rid of their fridges with those who see it as an extreme move. "The refrigerator was a smart advance for society," said Gretchen Willis, in the New York Times article, "It's silly not to have one considering what the alternative is: drinking up a gallon of milk in one day so it doesn’t spoil." Others, such as Rachel Muston, estimate her fridge burned the equivalent of 105 gallons of gasoline a year and a newer model, which would have burned half that amount, would not have done enough. (She must not have heard about the latest model that runs on the energy equivalent of a 60-watt bulb). It's an interesting read but count this writer in the "no way I'm getting ridge of the fridge" camp.


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Trash the Fridge?

03/02/2009 10:42 AM 697295a

I consider myself an environmentalist, but I am with those who think this is a move into the past. I save gas, but stocking up items in my fridge so I don't have to run to the store everyday (using more fuel). And yes, buying a fridge that runs on less energy would be the preferred choice (at least for me).


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Keeping my fridge

03/02/2009 11:55 AM Nathan04

I am all for the green movement, but i think I'm gonna draw the line at throwing away my fridge.

Then again, I do live in Minnesota, so maybe all I need is a back porch.


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Cast out the icebox?

03/02/2009 01:24 PM carlsa

Greens lose any credibility they may have generated when proposals like this surface. Admittedly, I support a big ol' fridge and wonder at a lifestyle that permits small undercounter refrigerators as seen in the British comedies on PBS. I can only envision more frequent trips to the market for smaller (and more expensive per unit) items that must be chilled. Forget about frozen foods. The impression I get as a person trained in the physical sciences is that the "greens" won't be satisfied until we are wearing linsey woolsey and eating raw food (after all, cooking fires would pollute their air)

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Keeping my new, very efficient fridge

04/23/2009 11:44 AM Arthunter111

Thanks, but no... I like cold milk and unspotted meat. I just remodeled last year, and we bought a brand new energy-star rated fridge from KitchenAid. What a wonderful appliance!

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